Online E-statement

Policy Number 500-1234567
Product Name FutureConfident II
Customer Name Rahul Jain
Policy Status Inforce
Payment Frequency Annual
Payment Method Auto Pay
Due Date 21/10/2018
Payment Amount (₹) 12500.00
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1. In case any of your policies is not visible in the view, please add the policy using the "Add Policy" option in My Profile section.

2. Premium holiday is the option available to the policyholder to discontinue payment of premiums. Please note that no renewal premium or top up premium can be made towards the policy once this option is selected.

3. Only Inforce and lapsed policy status can be viewed online.

4. For policies lapsed for more than 180 days, you cannot reinstate your policy online. Please visit the Reinstatement calculator section under Tools to know the amount and exact requirements to be submitted at your nearest branch.

5. Reinstatement can be done within 2 years from lapsation date for Unit linked plans issued before 1st Sept 2010.

6. Unit linked plans issued after 1st Sept 2010 will be terminated on completion of 60 days from the premium due date for Monthly policies and 75 days for Non Monthly policies.

7. Once a policy has been assigned, the assignor will have only rights to view the policy details and cannot execute any transactions for the assigned policy except premium payment.